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Here at CEG we believe in Life, Leadership, Community

We exist to provide our members a powerful platform on which to proactively & effectively process the multitude of urgent, demanding business issues faced daily in an expanding globally competitive marketplace.

We meet monthly as a group to share ideas, think together about how to solve the challenges we face, as well as celebrate the successes of our members.

Annually, we put on an event that we believe will be life giving for the local business community.  This year we are continuing to pour into the business leaders in our community by bringing in Echelon Front, a consulting group comprised of ex-Navy Seals and lead by Jocko Wilink.  Jocko is the author of several leadership books, including Extreme Ownership.

Echelon Front offers practical, experience-based solutions to complex problems based on combat leadership lessons learned through a myriad of dynamic leadership challenges. You won’t want to miss this! Click on the banner below for more information and sign your team up today for a life-changing leadership experience.

Extreme Ownership Workshop


Click here for more about this year’s event.