Executive Group

The Executive Group is made of up C-Suite leaders who are seasoned industry professionals and have built successful companies. CEG is a place where these leaders can tackle challenges together, both personal and professional, and brainstorm incredible solutions that can alter the trajectory of their lives and their businesses. The value created by membership in the Executive Group can be summarized in three key areas:

  1. Membership creates Value Personally
  2. Membership creates Value Organizationally
  3. Membershp creates Value for the Community

Personal Value

CEG membership helps leaders move from focusing on details to having an elevated viewpoint and seeing things from a more strategic level. This includes business issues, but also incorporates relationships, family, estate planning, etc. A current CEG member shared,

Being a member of CEG has been extremely valuable for me personally as I have been introduced to first-class business people and a wide variety of reading material I don’t think I would have been exposed to otherwise. Being a part of this group has shown me the value in being vulnerable and being able to trust others in total confidence.

Organizational Value

CEG encourages its members to adopt a strategic viewpoint which in turn provides insight into business operations. Members share the various tools they utilize for measuring the components of their company’s business and embrace the motto, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”. CEG teaches its members to think differently about the business of managing people and to focus on controlling efficiency.

Community Value

CEG hosts community-wide symposiums with world class speakers, like Patrick Lencioni, that provide great value to those in attendance. Members have reported that they have passed on suggestions, encouragement and information to employees, family and friends from our symposiums that provided great value. In turn these have been passed along to other family, friends and the community at-large. CEG also benefits the community by creating and nurturing Key Groups. Both CEG and Key Group members have the opportunity to participate in deep, meaningful interaction regarding their business, family and personal lives aimed at helping individuals and organizations identify and reach their true potential.

Chico Executive Group (CEG) Prospective Member Criteria

  • Ability to uphold and support the three core values of Trust, Transparency, and Results
  • Embody the mission to “Process critical issues to live better lives, lead better businesses, and build better communities.”
  • Must reside in the greater North Valley region and attend in-person meetings (no remote members)
  • Chartered for 18 active members

Why Become a Member? Download Why Become a CEG Member