Key Groups

Key Groups are made up of high level leaders who are not in the C-Suite but are seasoned, innovative, and play key leadership roles in their companies. Key Group members have the opportunity to participate in deep, meaningful interaction regarding their business, family and personal lives, helping individuals and their companies succeed. Existing Key Group members have reported their experience has significantly expanded both their personal understanding and performance level.

Membership in a Key Group creates value on three levels.

  1. Membership creates Value Personally
  2. Membership creates Value Organizationally
  3. Membership creates Value for the Community

Personal Value

Key Group members have reported one of the greatest benefits of Key Group membership is ACCOUNTABILITY! Accountability to one’s self and also the group. It is easy to make promises to yourself then let yourself slide. If you communicate those promises and you have a support group it keeps you accountable and it is much easier to stay on course. Secondly, having other’s perspectives and opinions on life questions is invaluable! Different perspectives on the same issue is worth its weight in gold. Key Group members have a strong feeling of camaraderie with an amazing group of local professionals and members know they will be there for each other whenever needed.

Organizational Value

Key Group provides its members with a board of peers to relate expert advice and experience on work-related issues, while using an issue resolution framework. This has become extremely valuable to each member’s company. This resource helps to build confidence in the member’s business decision-making ability as it relates to their organization. There is immense value in learning best practices from other innovative and successful local businesses. The Key Group reinforces that having a healthy organization and placing the needs of its people first is the key to success.

Community Value

The Key Group model focuses on shaping and honing each member’s personal leadership and communication skills which are carried out into the community at-large. Well-educated and
knowledgeable leaders, who are up-to-date with current events, both in business and community, strengthen the community as a whole. Key Group membership, as stated by its members, allows its members to become better leaders and communicators who are better able to share their knowledge and expertise. This leads to better business practices which positively impact people both inside and outside their organizations.

Key Group Prospective Member Criteria

  • Ability to uphold and support the three core values of Trust, Transparency, and Results
  • Embody the mission to “Process critical issuesto live better lives, lead better businesses, and build better communities.”
  • Reside in the greater North Valley region and attend in-person meetings
  • Key executives (CEOs, COOs) need not be members of the Chico Executive Group (CEG) Senior Team
  • Maximum 10 active members per Key Group

Why Become a Key Group Member? Download Why Become a Key Group Member